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     "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."  -Revelation 7:2-3

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Great Controversy Online Project

The Great Controversy Online project

A Secret Mission and a Mighty Victory
"This is probably one of the most exciting projects we have ever been a part of,
and we pray that you are excited about this project as well." -Ryan McCoy

   Sealing Time Ministries is very excited to announce the launch of over 100 NEW, FRONT-LINE websites about the final events for the Lord.  In this leap forward in faith, the Lord has made the way clear before us, and provided each need as the project has progressed.  The details of this announcement have been made into a downloadable video that is available below.  While the text of the video is also available below, the video gives an excellent walk through of the project.  We want to thank all those who also caught the vision and took part in making this "secret mission" a reality, and we also would like to thank those who will continue to assist the Lord's work in multimedia evangelism. We hope that in the Lord's providence and timing that many, maybe millions will come to the Lord through this project, and that God's name alone will be glorified! AMEN!

The Great Controversy Online project
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Ryan shares the Great Controversy Online project at the 2009 NRLA Prophecy Festival. Thanks to Greg Hamilton & NRLA for giving us a couple minutes to share this exciting project.

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The following is the text of the original video announcement.
2007-04-25 Great Controversy Project announcement.pdf

Hi friends, I’m Ryan McCoy.  You may be wondering why I’m dressed like this.  Remember that there’s a war going on, a war between Christ and Satan called the Great Controversy, and I’m dressed like this to illustrate this point.  I’ve just returned from the battle for a minute to tell you about an amazing victory that’s been won!  Sealing Time Ministries is excited to announce The Great Controversy Online Project, and what we believe is a mighty victory for the Lord! 

In the early morning on January 14th, 2007 I had a dream.  In it the Lord impressed me to take the titles of the last chapters of the book, the Great Controversy and register them as internet domain names.  He showed me that if this was done, then when the time came for the final events to happen that many would visit these web pages and would be led to make their decisions for Christ and stand with the Remnant Church.  After the dream I woke up and went and checked online, and just as the Lord showed me in the dream, the internet domains were all available.

I called my Dad to share the dream with him.  He was quiet for a few seconds, and then said, “It’s a great idea, but that’s a lot of money Ryan, where are you going to get it from?”

One thing about internet domains is that they are very much like a new invention.  If the idea falls into the wrong hands the results could be disastrous.  It was at this point that I realized that the Lord had sent me on a “secret mission” for Him.  But the question was still there, how was I going to raise the funds for this mission without telling people about the mission? I saw we were going to need a group of “special forces” for the Lord.

According to Wikipedia, “Special Forces are typically composed of relatively small groups of highly-trained personnel, equipped with specialist equipment and armament, operating with principles of self-sufficiency, stealth, speed and close teamwork.”

I could see that almost all these descriptions were going to be needed in this mission, with the exception of self sufficiency.  It was clear that this was the Lord’s mission and He was in charge of it.  It would take complete reliance on Him to complete the mission and to ensure victory.

Can A Small Group Change the World?

Just before the 1990 Gulf War, a group of just 12 Navy Seals landed on the beaches of Kuwait.  They created such a commotion that Saddam thought that the entire US military was landing on the Kuwaiti beaches.  He began to reposition and move his troops in that direction to join the fight.  Those 12 men were only doing the work given to them, but they initiated one of the fastest, cleanest wars in world history.  Without their courage and devotion, things might have not gone so well.

Just 12 good men.

After receiving this dream, I began to pray and carefully plan who could be trusted with the knowledge of such a secret mission.  As with any secret mission not everything goes the way you want it to, but after speaking to just a few good men and women about the financial details of such a project, all the money for the project came together in just two weeks!

The main entrance to this series of websites is:

www.TheGreatControversyOnline.com www.TheGreatControversyOnline.com (also .org & .net)
www.TheGreatContoversyBetweenChristandSatan.com www.TheGreatContoversyBetweenChristandSatan.com (also .org & .net)

As we read through the list, remember each of these amazing chapter/websites stands independently, but are internally linked to the other chapter/websites, as well back to the main website entrance. (Some of the chapter titles we had to modify slightly and others we chose to modify to today's language to make get better results from the search engines.)

We have now purchased and operate the following websites for the Lord:

  1. www.DestructionofJerusalem.comwww.DestructionofJerusalem.com (also .org & .net)
  2. www.PersecutionintheFirstCenturies.comwww.PersecutionintheFirstCenturies.com (also .org & .net)
  3. www.TheGreatApostasy.comwww.TheGreatApostasy.com (also .org & .net)
  4. 4-14 www.TheGreatReformation.comwww.TheGreatReformation.com (also .org & .net)
  5. www.TheBibleandtheFrenchRevolution.comwww.TheBibleandtheFrenchRevolution.com (also .org & .net)
  6. www.OurPilgrimFathers.comwww.OurPilgrimFathers.com (also .org & .net)
  7. www.HeraldsoftheMorning.comwww.HeraldsoftheMorning.com (also .org & .net)
  8. www.AnAmericanReformer.comwww.AnAmericanReformer.com (also .org & .net)
  9. www.LightThroughDarkness.comwww.LightThroughDarkness.com (also .org & .net)
  10. www.AGreatReligiousAwakening.comwww.AGreatReligiousAwakening.com (also .org & .net)
  11. www.AWarningRejected.comwww.AWarningRejected.com (also .org & .net)
  12. www.ThePropheciesFulfilled.comwww.ThePropheciesFulfilled.com (also .org & .net)
  13. www.WhatIsTheSanctuary.comwww.WhatIsTheSanctuary.com (also .org & .net)
  14. www.InTheHolyofHolies.comwww.InTheHolyofHolies.com (also .org & .net)
  15. www.GodsLawUnchangeable.comwww.GodsLawUnchangeable.com (also .org & .net)
  16. www.AWorkofReform.comwww.AWorkofReform.com (also .org & .net)
  17. www.ModernRevivals.comwww.ModernRevivals.com (also .org & .net)
  18. www.TheInvestigativeJudgment.comwww.TheInvestigativeJudgment.com (also .org & .net)
  19. www.OriginofEvil.comwww.OriginofEvil.com (also .org & .net)
  20. www.EnmityBetweenManandSatan.comwww.EnmityBetweenManandSatan.com (also .org & .net)
  21. www.AgencyofEvilSpirits.comwww.AgencyofEvilSpirits.com (also .org & .net)
  22. www.SnaresofSatan.comwww.SnaresofSatan.com (also .org & .net)
  23. www.TheFirstGreatLie.comwww.TheFirstGreatLie.com (also .org & .net)
  24. www.SpiritualismRevealed.comwww.SpiritualismRevealed.com (also .org & .net)
  25. www.CharacterandAimsofthePapacy.comwww.CharacterandAimsofthePapacy.com (also .org & .net)
  26. www.TheImpendingConflict.comwww.TheImpendingConflict.com (also .org & .net)
  27. www.TheScripturesaSafeguard.comwww.TheScripturesaSafeguard.com (also .org & .net)
  28. www.EarthsLastWarning.comwww.EarthsLastWarning.com (also .org & .net)
  29. www.TheTimeofTrouble.comwww.TheTimeofTrouble.com (also .org & .net)
  30. www.GodsPeopleDelivered.comwww.GodsPeopleDelivered.com (also .org & .net)
  31. www.EarthDesolated.comwww.EarthDesolated.com (also .org & .net)
  32. www.TheControversyEnded.comwww.TheControversyEnded.com (also .org & .net)

But the Great Controversy is already online you might say.  Yes, this is true.  But it has never been posted online in such a broad way before, or with a King James Version Bible to compare every reference without ever leaving the website.  These are websites that you just can’t miss.

Imagine for just a minute that you are an unconverted person researching a topic you are interested in online.  Let’s just say you’d like to know more about spiritualism for example.  So you go to Google and type in “spiritualism.”  As you are looking at the results you notice a website called “Spiritualism Revealed.”  You see the internet address is www.SpiritualismRevealed.com.  This title intrigues you because you would like to know what spiritualism is all about.  You click on it and begin to read, and as you read the words, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, God begins to work on your heart.  You continue to read, fascinated by what you’ve found.  As you complete reading chapter 34 of the Great Controversy, you reach the bottom of the page, the Holy Spirit impresses you to click on “Next Chapter”.  As you do, you come to a new title bearing the name “Character and Aims of the Papacy” and as you continue on the Holy Spirit opens before you, the Great Controversy.  Another soul may have just been won to Christ.

Stage One of this project has been completed.  Stage One consisted of all the domain purchases, posting each chapter of the Great Controversy to the appropriate domain, linking every chapter-domain with the others, and with the foresight of my dad, linking every single Bible reference in every chapter to an online King James Version Bible!

Stage Two of this project has just been completed. Stage Two will list these front line websites at every major internet search engine using various methods to get maximum results from internet searches.  We are excited as we are already seeing the first passes of the search engines as they begin to index the pages for the first time.  Search results should start appearing in between 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the search engine.

Stage Three of this project will begin soon, and will see almost every chapter illustrated.  Chapter 23, or www.WhatistheSanctuary.com has already been illustrated as an example.  It’s been said a picture speaks a thousand words, and we hope that the illustration of each chapter online will assist the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing people to decisions for Christ.

Stage Four is tentatively scheduled to have every chapter available as an mp3 audio file for download and use with the popular I-Pods and mp3 players, as well as making audio CD’s available to use in a vehicle.  Stage Four will also see actual printed copies of the Great Controversy available for purchase on line as well, and as growth allows, this may expand in to selling some other inspired books such as Steps to Christ, and Desire of Ages.

We are very thankful to God for His direction in this project, and as He continues to lead.  Operating these websites is a large responsibility, both spiritually and financially and we take it very seriously.  You might be thinking that you would really like to help with a project like this.  Sealing Time Ministries is now looking for a few more good men & women who would like to take up sponsorship positions for these new domains and websites for the Lord.  Sponsorship for a complete chapter of the Great Controversy is only $35/year.  And currently we can register these domains for the Lord up to 10 years into the future!  As a sponsor you will be given access to our highly detailed website statistics which will allow you to monitor the amount of traffic coming through the websites.  We would also like to mention that there are several other “secret missions” in the works, at the very front lines, and we believe these will also be mighty victories for the Lord as well.

     Concerning the future of the Great Controversy Ellen White made several powerful statements.

  • “I was shown . . . that the warning must gowhere the living messenger could not go, and that it would call the attention of many to the important events to occur in the closing scenes of this world's history.”  {3SM 413.3}  Today, one of the most prominent ways that the warning can go where the living messenger cannot go is through multimedia on the internet.
  • Four months after I had the dream about this project, and just a couple weeks before this announcement, I was completely amazed to find the following quote:  "The results of the circulation of this book [Great Controversy] are not to be judged by what now appears. By reading it, some souls will be aroused, and will have courage to unite themselves at once with those who keep the commandments of God. But a much larger number who read it will not take their position until they see the very events taking place that are foretold in it. The fulfillment of some of the predictions will inspire faith that others also will come to pass, and when the earth is lightened with the glory of the Lord in the closing work, many souls will take their position on the commandments of God as the result of this agency."  {1888 809.4}  It’s exactly as I saw in the dream.  As the final events begin to happen, many that have read the Great Controversy will be led by the Holy Spirit to take their stand with the Remnant Church.  Jesus is coming back very soon and we have been entrusted with a powerful warning to share with the world to get ready for the biggest event in this worlds history!

    Well friends, I have to get back to the battle, but don’t forget that every one of us is part of a special group of soldiers for Christ, and remember the war has already been won!  Please join us as we open the Great Controversy in a bold new way to the world, with the cross going on before us, and the Holy Spirit changing lives. Let’s finish the work and go home!

UPDATE 2007-04-24

    We are praying that as the Amazing Facts - Cosmic Conflict (Great Controversy)Amazing Facts - Cosmic Conflict (Great Controversy) project comes to completion that we will be able to make the DVD & BluRay documentary available for sale at this series of websites as well.

DVD Video Announcement

If you would like a high quality copy of this announcement on DVD please click herehere.

How can I help?
This project currently needs assistance in the following areas:

  1. Prayer - Please pray for this project, the people that visit, and this ministry. If there is one book beside the Bible that Satan has shown a special contempt for it is the Great Controversy.

  2. Share - Share the Great Controversy Online project with your family, friends, and don't forget your enemies! Share a link, on facebookfacebook , or share the video.

  3. DonationsDonations for the 100+ domains/websites we are currently keeping up for this project. ($35 per chapter/domain set.)

  4. DonationsDonations for permission rights (these are charged on a continuing basis) for illustrating these chapters/web pages.  The cost of this package is approx. $250, and comes from a well known Seventh-day Adventist supporting ministry.

  5. DonationsDonations for new Great Controversy Books (paperback) so that they can be sold directly from the website.  Other books such as Steps to Christ and Desire of Ages are also welcome.  The ASI/Pacific Press is the lowest cost publisher, and this order will go through them.

  6. Someone (female) who is gifted with expressive reading that is willing to be recorded, to read through the Great Controversy (1913 version) for the audio downloads that will be available worldwide.  Those that speak a foreign language are also welcome to join this project as we want to reach the entire world. If you would like to work on this audio project please contact us.

  7. DonationsDonations for electricity and equipment upgrades are always welcome too, as they keep the power company happy, as well as the servers & computers that are in operation 24/7 as part of this ministry.

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